Recent Projects


Curriculum Guides, Discovery Tour Games

Created in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal, these are unique, first of their kind, interactive curriculum guides for teachers, created for three Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour Games. The theories used to develop the guides included the Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge framework (TPACK, Mishra & Koehler, 2006), the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM, Davis, 1989), and the Learning Mechanics-Game Mechanics framework (Arnab et al., 2015).

Role: Product Specialist


Pandemics Course

This interactive course, delivered through UNESCO MGIEP's digital learning platform Framerspace, aims to build learners' essential knowledge about pandemics. It also busts common myths about pandemics, intends to build social-emotional skills, and calls for global action and responsibility.

Role: Co-creator


Industry Guidelines on Digital Learning

The guidelines offered in this document are a first draft to provide a holistic system of characteristics and parameters important for delivering active and engaging learning through digital solutions. Their aim is to guide developers of digital learning solutions to better align their products with the principles and core values of UNESCO MGIEP and SDG 4.7. The guidelines were launched by the Indian and Finnish Ministers of Education at the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference 2019, Paris, France.

Role: Co-Author and Programme Coordinator


World Rescue: Decision Making towards Sustainability

This game-based course, delivered through UNESCO MGIEP's digital learning platform, revolves around the mobile game World Rescue. Through fast-paced gameplay set in Kenya, Norway, Brazil, India, and China, it aims to build learners' knowledge about the three pillars of sustainability and understanding the impact of daily life decisions on the overall health of the planet. It was a finalist at the 7th International Educational Games Competition 2019, Odense, Denmark.

Role: Creator and Programme Coordinator


This War of Mine Course

This course, designed around the game titled 'This War of Mine', takes the learner through a set of stories of people trying to survive in war-affected regions. By putting them in the shoes of survivors, it intends to cultivate an understanding of concepts like 'violence' and 'justice' and build 'perspective taking' skills. This course along with others was showcased at the Gamer Bar during the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference 2019, Paris, France.

Role: Co-creator