Dimension Destination

Role: Designer and Developer

With: University of Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia

Created using Unity 3D, Dimension Destination is a short (about 10 minutes gameplay), web-based game for students of grade 9 and 10. It is focused on building a sense of spatial awareness and providing the opportunity for students to apply their coordinate geometry skills while also building knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals through its narrative. Findings from the study to test its impact on learning and motivation were published in the proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Games Based Learning, 2018, Nice, France. A poster discussing the design of the game was also presented at the 10th International Mathematics and Society Conference, 2019, Hyderabad, India.


Sharma, R., & Ali, S. (2019). Mathematics and Sustainable Development Goals: An example of digital games-based learning [Poster]. 10th International Mathematics and Society Conference, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. https://www.mescommunity.info/proceedings/MES10.pdf

Associated Publication(s):

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