Industry Guidelines on Digital Learning

Role: Co-Author and Programme Coordinator


The guidelines offered in this document are a first draft to provide a holistic system of characteristics and parameters important for delivering active and engaging learning through digital solutions. Their aim is to guide developers of digital learning solutions to better align their products with the principles and core values of UNESCO MGIEP and SDG 4.7. The guidelines were launched by the Indian and Finnish Ministers of Education at the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference 2019, Paris, France.


Sharma, R. (2019, November). UNESCO MGIEP Games Bar [Workshop]. 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference, Paris, France.

Associated Publication(s):

Hernandorena, Z., Gupta, A., Sharma, R., & Mukund, V. (2019). Industry Guidelines on Digital Learning: Discussion Draft (p. 52) [Guidelines]. UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development.